Residential HVAC

Have you noticed that your home energy bill has increased? Or is your home uncomfortably warm or cold? It’s time to call Mike King Heating & Cooling, Inc. Mike and his team work with homes and families throughout Muncie, IN and surrounding areas, providing heating and cooling repairs, replacements and installations. We carry an extensive line of TEMPSTAR® products, but we also are able to work with all makes and models. With us, you can rest assured that we will do the job thoroughly and correctly, no matter the size of the project!

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

New Furnaces  - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

New Furnaces

Whether you have an electric or gas furnace, if it isn’t working properly, your home and your family are going to be uncomfortably cold. We can service and install new furnaces to ensure that you stay cozy during the warmer months.

Air Conditioners - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Air Conditioners

Indiana summers get pretty hot, and there’s nothing worse than not having a cool house to relax in. Let us repair or replace your faulty air conditioner so you and your family can beat the heat.

Lineset - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN


The lineset is the piping in your heating or cooling system that carries refrigerant in a loop throughout the system. If the refrigerant is leaking or is an abnormal pressure, give us a call and we can service it to get it working correctly again.

Ductwork Replacement  - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Ductwork Replacement

Do you have ducts that need custom work? Don’t worry; at Mike King Heating & Cooling, we have a sheet metal facility on site where we are able to do custom duct work! Let us repair and install a new custom duct system so that your HVAC system can work more efficiently.

Ductwork Cleaning - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Ductwork Cleaning

Do your ducts need to be cleaned? Other companies have a base price for duct cleaning, but all of the nitty-gritty work costs extra. But here, all of that work is included in our price. We have a big, powerful trailer that thoroughly cleans out and disinfects your ducts, removing dust, mold, insects, pet dander, and other harmful particles that can build up over time. These particles can make your family sick as well as aggravate asthma or allergies. That’s why we are committed to providing a full-service duct cleaning at a low price!

Air Filters - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Air Filters

Installing air filters in your HVAC system is a great idea for improving your home’s air quality, especially if someone in your family has allergies or asthma. These filters prevent harmful particles, such as dust, dander and mold, from being transferred into your home through your heating and cooling equipment.

Other Services:

  • Air conditioner to heat pump conversions
  • Electric and gas heating
  • Geothermal
  • Water boilers and radiators
  • Gas lines

Commercial and Residential HVAC Services - Mike King Heating and Cooling - Muncie, IN

Mike King HVAC is a family owned, full-service commercial and residential HVAC company in Indiana. Established 1999.

For additional information about our heating and cooling systems for your home, or to schedule an estimate, contact us today at (765) 396-6453. We always treat your home like our own and get the job done right the first time!