Commercial HVAC

No matter the size of the project, at Mike King Heating & Cooling, Inc, we can complete any HVAC job for businesses in Muncie, IN and surrounding areas. We offer repair, replacement and installation of all makes and models for both existing and new builds and construction. We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide commercial construction services. Mike and his team are committed to getting the job done right the first time and building strong, trusting relationships with our business community.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Air Conditioner to Heat Pump Conversions - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Air Conditioner to Heat Pump Conversions

An air conditioner is designed to just cool your building or business. A heat pump takes heat from the outside and brings it inside during the cold months, and it takes heat from the building and brings it outside in the colder months. At Mike King Heating & Cooling, Inc, we have the tools and equipment to safely, quickly and efficiently convert your air conditioner into a heat pump, which can be used throughout the whole year.

Electric and Gas Heating - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Electric & Gas Heating

Whether you prefer electric or gas heating systems, we work with all makes and models. We can repair your current system or replace it with a new one, depending on your unique situation. Our goal is to reduce your energy bill while ensuring you, your employees and your customers are kept warm in the winter months.

Geothermal Heating - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN


In a geothermal system, heat is taken from the outside ground, rather than the air, and is transferred into your building when it is cold out, and heat is taken from the building and transferred to the ground outside when you need cooling. We can repair, replace and install geothermal systems to ensure it is as efficient as possible!

Water Boiler & Radiators - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Water Boiler & Radiators

No matter the size of your commercial building, we can service your water boiler and radiator. The water boiler is important for producing hot water, as well as providing water flow to the radiator so it can give off heat. We can complete any water boiler or radiator job.

Gas Lines - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Gas Lines

Let our team install any size and length of gas lines so that you can have an efficient heating and cooling system in your building. We are also able to install pipes in concrete to prevent it from freezing up and collecting ice.

Ultraviolet Lights - Mike King Heating & Cooling, Muncie, IN

Ultraviolet Lights

We can install ultraviolet lights or air purifiers in your heating and cooling system. These products will help keep you, your employees and customers healthy by eliminating germs, bacteria, mold, and other particles that can cause the flu, viruses and other illnesses, as well as aggravate asthma.

Other Services:

  • Furnaces
  • Air conditioner
  • Line set
  • Ductwork replacement
  • Ductwork cleaning
  • Air filters

Commercial and Residential HVAC Services - Mike King Heating and Cooling - Muncie, IN

Mike King HVAC is a family owned, full-service commercial and residential HVAC company in Indiana. Established 1999.

For additional information about the heating and cooling services we can provide for your business or commercial structure, contact us today at (765) 396-6453! We are proud to support our community with our commercial services.